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Dearest Community,


"Your goodness must have some edge to it." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mainspring of living a mindful, heart-centered life, is doing so truthfully.


Truth begins with self-awareness, we understand that we cannot be sincere with others without being sincere with ourselves first.

Here's a question...


How often do you ignore the whispers of your body-mind-spirit, in order to keep the peace with those around you?

Living your truth is a courageous act! Through the overgrowth of narratives and beliefs that obstruct clarity on the path, sometimes, truthfulness can feel like bushwhacking for light.


On the road to joy, you will surprise, delight, and also, disappoint other people. This doesn't mean you should suppress what feels important and virtuous to you. It's about compassionate unapologetic truth, regardless of the outcome. Truthfulness without apology is a brave way forward. Though it need not be reckless or defensive, but clear and kind. 

That said, we can't live, speak, or act from a scope of truth until we have spent some time still with the Self. We have experienced the pain of biting back our truth. We feel our boundaries violated and the sea of Anger urge in us. Anger is always about boundaries


Nobody wants to act on a half excavated treasure, announcing for all to hear that we've found something exquisite, only to fully reveal it was a mirage later. We must take the time and have the patience to witness our truth fully. The light and the dark. 

How do we differentiate between desire and truth? Desire is craving. Truth is feeling. Desires may come and go, but the truth is inextinguishable. It may even haunt us when we don't listen. Truth is the voice of Dharma. Directing and guiding us towards interconnection and peace. Desires aren't generally scary, but the truth can be. 

This is the substance we will explore together through this month's practices. Please reach out to me with questions or insights. I am here as a resource. You can reach me at Throughout the month of May you will have access to...

- The truthfulness meditation kit

- Sound & Dream guided journey with Starfish

- Two qigong & stretch movement meditations

- Access to our growing guided breath work library

- Ayurvedic inspired wellness inspiration and recipes

- New course material shared every Tuesday of the month

Warmly and with Gratitude,  

Morgan Kulas 


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