Art of Awe is a mobile meditation app designed for folks who wish to engage in a conscious discourse with themselves in order to foster healing. 

What makes this meditation app different from others, is that the practices offered here are curated with care and refreshed each month and they are entirely free. 

Here's what we're focused on:

- Emotional Resilience 

- Conscious Relationship

- Creative Problem Solving

- Interconnection

- Joyful Revolution

- Holistic Wellness

- Mindfulness

- Authenticity

- Responsibility

- Compassion

- Education

- Ecology

As a participant you will receive monthly:

- Meditation & Inspiration

- Creative Personal Rituals

- Ayurvedic Inspired Recipes

- Movement Sequences

You will benefit through:

- Cultivating Mindfulness 

- Opening the Heart

- Understanding Difficult Emotions

- Self-Knowledge and Decision Making

- Healing through Creativity 


This offering is available exclusively through our app which is available for download via the Apple Store. 

We hope you will join us. 

Morgan Kulas

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"I wanted to tell you how much I love Art of Awe. It is a delicacy for the soul and the curation is so uplifting, thank you for creating it."