Hello dear ones, 

This meditation course is for those of us who struggle to feel at home in our selves - due to trauma, burnout, fear, human giver syndrome...rickety boundaries.


Or maybe you are simply on a quest. You seek freedom, autonomy, and sovereignty. Authority over your life. 


Either way, this meditation kit is for you. It is an accumulation of meditations employing the wisdom of yoga, mindfulness, and shamanism. As well as some good old...practical psychology 

Tending to a Beautiful Mess will be a powerful, lifelong resource to support you in re-wiring your beliefs about worth and truth.  

This meditation resource is not another means to persuade or perfect you. Quite the opposite actually. I am here to support you in the flowering of your true nature through meditations that cut to the chase.  

In this course you will learn to:

- breathe deeply without force 

- develop emotional intelligence

- befriend your shadow

- parent your sacred ego

- dismantle judgment and fear

- strengthen personal boundaries

- walk the path of truthfulness

Included are 10 audio recordings that are downloadable and yours to keep for life. 

1. Introduction

2. Waves of Breath

3. Body Language

4. Befriending Your Shadow

5. Reflection with Moon

6. Loneliness with Wolf

7. The Four Essential Questions

8. Atma Vichara - Solving Personal Conflicts

9. Atma Vichara - Getting Unstuck

10. The Sacred No 

11. Let Your Truth Breathe

Love + Light, 


A Beautiful Mess IntroductionMorgan Kulas (ft. Samuel Corwin)
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From my cushion to yours...

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