Mindfulness Meditation

Our thoughts determine how we feel, how we react, and therefore how our life choices manifest. Mindfulness meditation is rooted in the practice of observance and acceptance of self and circumstances. We view mindfulness as the foundation of all healing and transformation. 

Breath Meditation

Breath meditation is the practice of regulating and fine tuning the breath, thereby activating the rest and digest response in the nervous system, and concentrating the mind in and on the present moment. The breath work we teach is rooted in Vedic and Daoyin traditions. 

Yoga Asana

Yoga Asana classes are focused on alignment, anatomy, and posture progressions. Asanas practiced may include sun salutations, forward bends, backbends, arm balances, inversions, and deep twists. Postures are held for long periods of time and are supported by both props and teacher. Yoga asanas are designed to tonify all the layers of your being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Daoyin Flow Yoga

Daoyin flow is a simple and profound practice which helps to regulate the flow of energy through the body, mind, and spirit. Techniques explored include qigong basics, somatics, namaskars, yoga asanas, and therapeutics. This class is accessible to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience including those with injuries, physical limitations, and health concerns. 

Art Meditation

We believe everyone is an artist because everyone is responsible for creating their own reality. In art meditation you will be prompted by a philosophical question, guided through a meditation, and given time and materials to express what's arising through artwork. Mediums explored include poetry, illustration, painting, color, sculpture, and textile work. 

Heart Meditation

The heart is the humanitarian, it yearns to connect, communicate, and create. In heart meditation we explore the practices of forgiveness, loving kindness, compassion, and gratitude utilizing various techniques including affirmation, visualization, and concentration.

Sound + Dream

In this class you will lie down, comfortably supported by props on the floor, and drift between wakeful and dream states by way of body scan, deep relaxation, and guided visualization techniques. The practice is accompanied by instruments, singing bowls, and sound scapes. It is especially good for those suffering from ptsd, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Natural Movement

Natural Movement is an embodiment methodology that draws on nature, archetypes, sound, and improvisation as a means to research consciousness and release trauma from the body. It is a guided creative movement class, similar to movement theories like Nia, Gaga, and Five Rhythms. All levels of ability and experience are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes and arrive with an open mind and heart. This practice was created by Morgan Kulas.

Yin & Restore

Gentle asana practices like yin yoga and restorative yoga help to foster balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Postures are pacified, held for long periods of time, and heavily supported by the use of props. Like all yoga asana, this practice is designed to tonify the many layers of your being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Writing Meditation

There is scientific evidence that the physical act of putting pencil to paper keeps the brain healthy and prevents psychological disorders like dementia. Writing Meditation is good for creatives and those on the brink of life changes and new opportunities. Each class you will be asked to channel your inner teacher through free-writing and potent questions that unlock the answers already within you.