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Sun and Shadow Retreat

with Ralph De La Rosa


Generosity of heart can make it difficult to see the line between compassion and codependency.


Saying “no”; disappointing others; communicating boundaries; and working with the guilt, shame, fear, and anger that’s often involved – these can be tough arenas for those of us who live to give.


Yet, living authentically necessarily means we will need to make unpopular choices sometimes. In order for our compassion to be sustainable, we ourselves must be included in it, too.


Most generous people also have difficulty offering themselves the same kind of acceptance, mercy, and empathy they offer others. Why?


Our patterns and difficulties in these area have roots in deeper emotional experiences we’ve internalized. They come from the ways in which our need for love and support have been betrayed in the past – which is good news. This means we can heal. And we have the psychological and spiritual technologies to be able to just that.


Integrating the wisdom of Buddhism with trauma theory, somatic psychology, and the evidence-based “parts work” of Internal Family Systems therapy, this half-day workshop will give you tools and insights for learning to navigate such vulnerable conditions with clarity, intelligence, and grace.


You will receive a handout with instructions for working with difficult emotions in meditation and a template for setting boundaries and navigating difficult conversations. You will also receive an audio recording of the talks and meditations so you can return to them at any time. 

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