Kindling the Light
Yoga Therapy for Trauma

Your true nature is luminous and free, and the aim of this work is to root you deeply into that reality. It can feel inconceivable to call on our inner reserves when we are in the throws of grief and loss, navigating significant life transitions and transformations. 


I am here as a resource, to hold these moments with you, and offer you practical tools that ultimately remind you that it's going to be okay and you are of the nature to change. 

Throughout my personal healing journey, I have found yogic technologies to be profound catalysts for healing, which is why I practice through this alternative lens. It is a conscious choice. The focus and purpose of my work is to transform suffering into understanding and heal the body-mind-spirit connection.

I am an Ayurvedic herbalist, movement and meditation teacher, artist and nontraditional therapist. When working privately together, I lean on the wisdom of the body to support you in the flowering of your most authentic and joyful self.

I came to this work through a keen desire to release trauma from my own body. Everything I share, I learned through direct experience. In practice, we learn to self-soothe and self-care. We enter new relationships with an open and alert presence. And we begin to think, feel, connect, and create truthfully, in response to our circumstances and environment.



Together we may explore...


Transform physical, mental, and emotional pain into understanding and wisdom. 


Clarify what matters most to you.

Let go of the rest.


Learn to name, respect, and share your emotions.

The Heart

Strengthen your Heart through the cultivation of compassion, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude. 


Surrender to the power of presence.

Make helpful choices.


Claim your creative purpose. 

Food + Herbs

Balance your energy, hormones, sleep cycle, and weight through Ayurveda.

Shadow Guideance

Navigate trauma and fear by facing your shadow and develop the skills to nurture it.


Tune your voice through communication practices.


In yoga therapy for trauma, we will focus on restoring the connection between you and your body as you journey through life transitions and transformations.

I work with a variety of techniques ranging from nurturing dialogue to somatic practices to herbalis. My approach to therapy is interdisciplinary but rooted in the Vedic sciences of Ayurveda and Zen Buddhism - although I am inspired by many traditions and philosophies. I have an alternative education and practice by choice. 


My intention is to support you in tapping into the rich source of healing already within you by holding space for you to relearn how to live in your body. I share this therapeutic approach from lived experience and with sincere respect for you. 

My mission is to support the flowering of your most authentic and joyful self through deep personal and spiritual support. Yoga Therapy is an option if you would like guidance with any of the following:

- Stress Management

- Anxiety and Insomnia

- Depression and Anger

- Career and Purpose

- Grief and Loss

- Creative Unblocking

- Disordered Eating

- Financial Abundance

- Work/Life Balance

- Personal Fulfillment

- Family Issues

- Leadership



zoom sessions

Technology makes it possible for me to provide services via zoom or over the phone. 

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in-person sessions

I offer private yoga therapy at my practice space in Edwards, CO. I can also travel to you. 


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"You were a guiding light for my undeveloped yet budding practice and a nurturing influence for my seeking soul and mind. You made me look at myself and helped me have a greater appreciation of who I am. In my time with you I've learned to forgive myself along with others. I've become aware of enjoying 'this moment' and how to savor it without looking to the past or future as being better. Thank you isn't a big enough word for all you've done for me."