Thoughts on Migrations...

When we think of Migrations, we generally call to mind the animal kingdom, in particular birds like geese, tern, and humming, who travel long distance as a way of life.


Birds migrate utilizing the technologies of constellations, weather patterns, and the magnetic pull of the earth; almost always arriving home to the place where they were born. I am inspired by this because somehow, they always know where to go.


Human beings also migrate. Since the beginning of our conception, we have relocated due to factors such as changing climate and inadequate food, shelter, and water supply.

Which leads me to consider colonization, a mountainous word in our collective psyche right now, and for good reason. We are facing dire realities due to the power of human consumption and intellect. It's as if, over the past few hundred years, the human brain has colonized the human heart. 


Evidence suggests that homo sapiens evolved out of Africa nearly 150,000 years ago; further proposing that all human beings are descendants of Africa. This makes it all the more soul wrenching that Africans have been enslaved by their own flesh and blood for centuries and continue to face the repercussions of this psychotic dominance and control.

When we feel stuck, defeated, out of options with nowhere to turn, we may feel a desire to flee. Perhaps it is a natural response to fly the coup.


Our stress responses of fight, fly, and freeze ultimately do their best to keep us safe. Yet it's uncomfortable at times. I'm curious about the ways in which we can learn to embrace these intuitive ways of knowing.


The question is, what are you learning to trust?

Warmly & With Love,