Welcome you spacious, thoughtful, radiant being...

Art of Awe is a monthly online membership program for those who wish to cultivate their meditation practice and engage in a conscious community online. The mission is to share tools for emotional resilience, creativity, and sentient relationship in a world currently ablaze. Art of Awe will run from January to December 2021 and will continue should it become successful. 

Each month you will have access to...

> A Meditation Kit

> Two Monthly Movement Meditation Classes (Live on Zoom)

> Contemplative Writing Practices

> Creative Development Coaching

> One Heart 2 Heart Audio Love Letter with Morgan Kulas

This program is offered on a sliding scale. The minimum monthly donation is $27 and the max is $72. Choose your own adventure (we love you no matter what). All material is recorded and available to you in the Art of Awe portal. To make this even easier for you, we now have an APP available for Apple and Android phones so you can have your monthly inspiration at your fingertips. 


And just a heart's up....


This is not a community offering centered around love and light or superficial positivity. We are interested in the illumination that comes from excavating the shadows. We are an inclusive conscious community that is not afraid to discuss and face the big picture social, environmental, and cultural concerns of today.  

Tush on the cush. We hope you will join us. 

Morgan Kulas

Our meditation library includes practices for:

> Cultivating Mindfulness 

> Opening the Heart

> Understanding Difficult Emotions

> Self-Knowledge and Decision Making

> Healing through Dream Work

Virtual movement practices are diverse in style and will include:

> Rasa Vinyasa

> Hatha Yoga

> Daoyin Arts

> Yin & Restore

> Yoga Therapy

> Ecstatic Dance


From my heart to yours...

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