• Morgan Kulas

Watermelon Rose Mint Juice

Watermelon Tea Recipe by Jordan Deloya

I’ve really been enjoying watermelon juice this season. Please adapt as necessary but this is my recipe for watermelon rose mint juice.

***It’s refreshing and quenching alone but might also pair nicely with Spirits. Keep it small, the magic is in the dosing and a little goes a long way. I am learning this lesson currently 🤓. ***

This recipe utilizes 1 small watermelon 🍉, please feel free to quarter or half the recipe as necessary.

What You Need

- 1 small watermelon seedless diced into medium or small pieces.

- Juice of 4 small limes (or 2 large)

- 3 tbsp dried mint (I prefer spearmint for sweetness)

- 1 oz Food grade dried roses or organic tired 🥀 roses from your garden.

- Blender or juicer

- Teapot for brewing

- Fine strainer or cheesecloth for straining all the bits.

- 4 1000mL mason jars for storage or a 4 L container.***

- 900 mL h2o, purified if possible.


  1. Quarter your melon 🍉 and cut meat into small pieces.

  2. Blend and strain into jars or containers and set aside.

  3. Juice 2-4 limes depending on the size and strain into watermelon juice.

  4. Place a small bowl in the center of the large saucepan and spread roses around the empty bowl.

  5. Add your 900 mL of h2o, purified is helpful.

  6. Cover saucepan with inverted saucepan cover.

  7. Place ice on the large inverted saucepan. This method will yield rose tea & water. The tea will be with the petals and will need to be strained for our recipe. The rose water that gathers in the small empty bowl can be utilized for beauty recipes. This is optional method is optional. We are using tea in our recipe.

  8. Turn the heat on and bring it to steep slowly. The tea will be complete when all the color is in the water instead of the petals. Petals will be off-white.

  9. Repeat adding ice to the top of the saucepan as necessary.

  10. Strain tea and steep with 3 oz of dried spearmint. Add enough hot water back into the steep to bring you back to 900 mL.

  11. Steep for 5-7 min. If you prefer sweetness now is the purrrfect time to add sugar or alternative sweetener to your recipe.

  12. *Caveat: sucrose is inflammatory and watermelon & spearmint are both sweet. Hopefully, the recipe is pacifying to excess Kapha & Pitta.

  13. Strain and combine rose mint tea with juice and strain one last time to rid juice of all the bits.

  14. At any point, you can add magic and intention to your recipe by visualizing a clock face on while hand mixing tea and juice together. As you stir clockwise time moves forward and you bring future intentions into fruition. Change direction for past intentions: “let go of whatever is ready” (my personal favorite given to me by my good friend and neighbor, Squirrel).

  15. Store in an airtight container and serve/ice. Garnish with fresh mint or watermelon pieces.