Aarunya yoga school offers a rich curriculum of educational offerings in yogic and meditative studies. Our teacher training programs meet the highest standards for Yoga Alliance certification and our in-depth workshops, retreats, and courses will nourish your desire to learn more about yoga. 

We welcome students of all ages, abilities, cultural and spiritual backgrounds, and believe in a holistic approach to practice that is rooted in sincere personal inquiry. We value the historical origins of yoga and collaborate with scholars and experts to offer a truly respectful delivery of the teachings. From an in-depth understanding, students leave our programs with the tools to teach authentically, creatively, and intelligently. 

Often used as a given name, Aarunya translates from Sanskrit to English as "the dawn". Each day we awaken to possibility. As practitioners, we are committed to daily practice, interconnection, and peace. At Aarunya Yoga School we aim to train practitioners and teachers who are especially discerning and inclusive - knowledgeable and artistic. People who are willing to look honestly at themselves, share their truth with bravery, live their dharma, and support others in doing the same. 



300HR Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

We host some of our teacher training programs at Anahata Yoga Studio in Minturn, Colorado. A beautiful, magical, mountainside sanctuary. Aarunya Yoga School was founded by Morgan Kulas and Anahata Yoga Studio by Chelsea Winters. Kulas and Winters collaborate as the lead teachers for the 200HR Aarunya Yoga School teacher trainings hosted at Anahata. 

Join Morgan Kulas and Senior Guest Teachers for Living Your Yoga, a 300 hour yoga & meditation teacher training program intentioned to deepen knowledge of self, humanity, and spirit.

Acceptance is based on a phone interview, experience, and commitment. Participants must have a 200HR or the equivalent practice experience of a 200HR certification. To be clear, we do accept practitioners who are not on the teaching path, but yearn to deep dive into yoga and meditation for personal reasons. 

Aarunya Yoga School is founded in a diversity of lineage with a focus on personal practice and authenticity. In our 300 hour program, we respectfully require our students/teachers to have a strong social consciousness, be on the path of teacher and student, and have personal standards of integrity and responsibility.

The format of this training is inspired by the four paths of yoga; Raja, Karma, Jnana, and Bhakti. With the added insight of Ayurveda and Zen Buddhism. Curriculum details are shared only with interested students, so please reach out directly with interest. 

Tuition: $3500

Email aarunyayoga@gmail.com


Discover Your Dharma Mentorships

Are you self-led? Already a teacher? If so, Aarunya Yoga School offers competitive scholarships and Dharma guideance to select seekers who demonstrate exceptional abilities in the gentle arts of yoga and meditation. We certify select indiviudals in 500HR level yoga teaching and therapeutics. If you are interested please email us directly at aarunyayoga@gmail.com. 

"Aarunya’s training went above and beyond simply learning asanas. I’ve emerged from my 200 HR YTT with a rich and solid foundation—a deep understanding of yoga’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual legacies over its long journey through history and evolving cultures. Morgan and Chelsea were also available and committed to my personal growth on my own yogic journey. This foundation will undoubtedly guide and texture my teaching, giving it a depth and authenticity that will better allow me to serve and connect with students. This training is as good as it gets."



"Aarunya Yoga School gives you far beyond just a certification. YES, you will come out of this training with extensive anatomy and physiology knowledge and expansive intellectual wisdom. However, you will also graduate with a robust understanding of the spiritual path of a yogi. Morgan and Chelsea guide you towards the light that is inside. You will learn to step into the grace and authenticity that is at your core. It is a true journey of the heart deliciously paired with the confidence and ability to guide any style of yoga you align with."



"It is one of those life-changing experiences, and you won't even feel like the same person after the training. The most important thing I learned was to accept myself and love me. You will cry (a lot), you will laugh, you will be uncomfortable and you will be scared, but in the end you will never regret this experience. Thank you Morgan for sharing your knowledge and opening the doors, it was such great experience."



"Morgan stands out as having exceptional abilities to connect with others on deep levels and to work on her own personal growth. Morgan is both strong and sensitive, having the ability to intuit what is going on with those around her and then holding space for them or taking action as appropriate. She is very engaging and fully present in her interactions and has a unique ability to connect and engage deeply with others on a variety of levels – mental, spiritual, and emotional."


Cheryl Deer | Senior Yoga Teacher

"While there are numerous characteristics that define a dedicated student of yoga perhaps two of the most essential Morgan embodies both naturally and with grace.  These include her sincerity as a seeker to constantly learn, evolve and grow her understanding of the intangible/spiritual dimension of life and her willingness to bring her own uniqueness, perspective and interpretation to this understanding making it creatively her own. It’s through Morgan’s capacity to grasp the deeper teachings intellectually that enables her to assimilate and translate them, as a response to herself as a unique individual and through the lens of her personal experience, in a delivery that is both grounded and authentic. "


Jeremy Wolf | Senior Yoga Teacher

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